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January 9, 2018



We released new ceramics that we had requested production from SIONE.


茶の湯をはじめとした伝統文化に脈々と流れる、その心の意味を問い直し、物語のある”形“を器に込めているSIONEに、iT YUCASiのテキスタイルが融合し、日常の生活を非日常に切り替える、スタイリッシュなデーブルウェアです。


online butique:



-about SIONE-


SIONE is a “story” product brand.

Traditional culture including tea ceremony
We reviewed the meaning of that mind
It is packed in a vessel as a "form" with monotonicity.

For example, like a lingering finish when I finished reading a novel
For example, like a sense of exhilaration when sleeves are passed through special clothes
SIONE's product switches daily life to extraordinary.
















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